Most popular flooring types

Floors in your home best define room boundaries. When choosing floors you need to be aware of the impact they will have on your home and on those who will cross your threshold. Even if some people do not pay due attention to this aspect of the interior of the house, the floors are extremely important. A floor must be durable, support the furniture and possible scratches and be compatible with larger traffic areas.

Thus, considering the many aspects and qualities that a floor needs to possess, their choice seems like a difficult task. So, when choosing floors for your home, it is advisable to check out and even visit a specialized store. This way you can see the “live” options for yourself and talk to qualified staff to give you more details and tips.

Here are the floor variants for your home:

Massive parquet floor. Hardwood floors are ideal for large and spacious homes and offer extra elegance. This type of floor has been used for decades because of its obvious qualities. It has an elegant and beautiful look and is very durable. The major disadvantage is the high price. Both wood boards themselves and their installation require a large budget. Also, this type of floor requires special care.

Laminate flooring. Laminated parquet is a cheap and comfortable option when it comes to hardwood flooring. If you want a home-like look similar to hard wood, then laminate flooring is the best solution. It’s easy to install, and it’s found in a variety of shapes, colors and textures. It is also easier to maintain and clean compared to other flooring types.

The cork floor. A type of floor that is extremely convenient from a price perspective is the one from cork flooring. Cork is a natural material, resistant to high traffic and fire. It is easy to maintain, friendly to the environment and has an appealing look. It is found in a variety of colors and textures, from which you can choose according to room type.

Vinyl floor. The vinyl floor is another cheap alternative to hardwood flooring. It is more suitable for bathrooms and kitchens, where humidity is higher. In addition, vinyl is inexpensive, easy to maintain and combined with the look of the entire home.

Bamboo floor. Bamboo is truly an environment-friendly, ideal option for your home. It is very durable, has a stylish look and a silky texture.(

Linoleum floor. Linoleum is a veteran of flooring materials. It has an elegant look, it’s cheap and made from natural ingredients such as flax or jute oil.(

Concrete floor. Concrete floors are ideal for people who want a home where imagination catches wings. Concrete can be painted at will, it is versatile and extremely resistant. It is also very easy to maintain, thus being ideal for hallways and office rooms.(gulvxtra)